Kent Forward

Kent Forward: Songs from Skye

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kent Forward

Title: Songs from Skye
Label: CD Baby

People all around the world, from massage therapists, to healers, to people who just want to deeply relax and be transported have found Kent's instrumental music to be powerfully soothing and something they come back to time and again. Some have even found that Kent's music has a magical ability to put their otherwise restless children right into a deep and peaceful slumber. For adults, his music is like an elixir of peace for the soul, for beautiful moments in an otherwise fast moving world. Most instrumental music can easily be forgotten after one listen, or is immediately relegated to the background by the mind, but Kent's music stands out with it's heart tugging and gorgeous unforgettable melodies. His songs will lift you to a higher state of being, whether you're healing, hosting friends for dinner, meditating, sipping a warm cup of coffee on a cold Sunday morning, or simply wanting to relax after a long day, you'll find you come back to his music again and again for a lift. The songs in this new collection were inspired by a two week journey through the mystical and enchanting country of Scotland. Each song has an accompanying story that can be found along with photos in the CD booklet. Enjoy... For more information about Kent's other musical endeavors, including his successful country and rock music songwriting career, please visit the web link provided on this page.

1.1 Thistle and Rain
1.2 Wee Lullaby
1.3 Ghosts of Glen Fruin
1.4 Loch Lomond Dawn
1.5 Isle of Skye
1.6 Standing Stones
1.7 Dance of the Highland Faeries
1.8 The Black Cuillins
1.9 Mists on the Moors
1.10 Wallace Frees Scotland
1.11 For the Love of Suzanne
1.12 Castles

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