Keybook U

Keybook U: Ray-Kiss Pop

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Keybook U

Title: Ray-Kiss Pop
Label: CD Baby

What should I do for setting light free? - The self which cannot be allowed is allowed. Why do I dwell? - An image is spiritual memory. The heavens world ? A motion of sounds and the energy of universe are flying and pushing on. The spirit of pop song sheds tears of joy so much by the exquisiteness of electro techno music ! In the more nearly various ones, I received power. I appreciate by obtaining for a hand. REIKI HEALING POP MUSIC FROM JAPAN. All good things happen. Thank you. Thank you.

1.1 Utterance of Mercy
1.2 Pray in Jericho
1.3 Intelligent Cloud
1.4 Phenomenon Is a Costume
1.5 Vimala-Ray
1.6 Root, Heart and Message
1.7 Sanat Kumara
1.8 Numinous
1.9 Body-Resistance
1.10 From the High Tower of Beach to the Boy

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