Kid Dynamite: Kid Dynamite

Kid Dynamite: Kid Dynamite
Title: Kid Dynamite
Label: Jade Tree
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Clear Vinyl with Black Smoke. Kid Dynamite's first album was, and always will be a masterpiece. It will influence hardcore bands down the line. Hell, it probably already has. If you loved Lifetime, you'll love this. Or, if you're just looking for a good hardcore listen, pick this up.

1.1 Pause
1.2 K05-0564
1.3 Sweet Shop Syndicate
1.4 Table 19
1.5 Ph. Decontrol
1.6 Showoff
1.7 Bookworm
1.8 Scarysmurf
1.9 The Ronald Miller Story
1.10 Bench Warmer
1.11 Zuko's Back In Town
1.12 Never Met The Gooch
1.13 News At 11
1.14 32 Frames Per Second
1.15 Pacifier
1.16 3 O'Clock
1.17 Shiner
1.18 Wrist Rocket
1.19 Fuckuturn

Kid Dynamite: Kid Dynamite

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