Kids Cry Out

Kids Cry Out: Guard Your Heart

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kids Cry Out

Title: Guard Your Heart
Label: CD Baby

Kids Cry Out is a worship CD for kids of all ages. The music of this group features Rock, Blues, Reggae, Country Western and Ballads. It is music that has been tested and proven in Sunday School. This is music that encourages. It is music that points to our lord and savior Jesus Christ. It is music that kids love and there parents too. We had a lot fun making this CD and we hope that you will enjoy it too.

1.1 Peter's Song
1.2 You Can Run But You Can't Hide
1.3 Ask Seek and Knock
1.4 Guard Your Heart
1.5 U Are Special
1.6 I've Got One Heart
1.7 I Love to Tell the Story
1.8 John
1.9 I Cor
1.10 Let Your Light Shine
1.11 Hands So Strong and Mighty
1.12 Following Jesus
1.13 Put on the Armor of God

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