Killa Beatz

Killa Beatz: Great Lake Heavyweights

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Artist: Killa Beatz

Artist: Killa Beatz
Title: Great Lake Heavyweights

Killa Beatz Recordings is an independently owned music production and recording company. It produces quality music for the ears of the community. Killa Beatz's goal is to provide music to artist in the local area and nationwide and become one of the top companies in the music industry. Killa Beatz Recordings is independently owned and operated by Joseph and Joshua Hankins as a partnership. Along with the artist named T-White, they form the group called the Killa Beatz Crew (KBC). Joseph (Joe Killa) and Joshua (J-Peezy) Hankins are the main producers of the music and the current distributors of the albums. Killa Beatz's music centers on the young urban hip-hop community. Along with hip-hop, our music involves some R&B. Killa Beatz services the individual who likes to listen to this music. 2004 saw the release of the compilation album called the 'Great Lake Heavyweights.' This features the KBC and numerous local underground Milwaukee artists. For 2006, Killa Beatz is in position to grow. In the fall, Killa Beatz will release 'Fastlane' from the artist named LP. Also, entering 2007, Killa Beatz will continue production of 'KBC: Most Wanted Vol. 2' and release the album 'V.S.O.P' from T-White.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Don't Push Me
1.3 Believe
1.4 Love Boat
1.5 My City
1.6 See How We Circulate
1.7 Can't Touch Me
1.8 Gun Powder
1.9 The World's Changing
1.10 Shake Somethum
1.11 Lost
1.12 Giology 101
1.13 You'll Get It
1.14 Dreams
1.15 Now or Never
1.16 Never Get a Chance
1.17 Can't Touch Me (Clean Remix Version)
1.18 My City (Clean Version)

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