Kilopop!: Un Petit Gouter-The Best of Kilopop!

Kilopop: Un Petit Gouter-The Best of Kilopop!
Title: Un Petit Gouter-The Best of Kilopop!
Artist: Kilopop!
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 642409000429
Genre: Rock

Future Fossil Records is proud to present Kilopop!...Europe's second best pop band and our first foreign-licensing release. Although virtually unknown in the USA, Furk and Trynka Zhenk have been consistent chart-toppers in the EU for over three decades, as well as furious experimenters who've stretched pop's parameters in every conceivable direction. As Furk says: 'Why shouldn't the definition of 'pop' include a Shaggs song (Who Are Parents?) or a Raymond Scott tune (Coming Back Down to Earth)? We aren't too concerned with what pop is, but rather what pop could and should be.' Is America ready for Kilopop!? We think so...enjoy! - Chris Butler ........... A QUICKIE BIO - Seminal New Waver, blah blah & etc. Member of Tin Huey in late '70's. Songwriter/producer/guitarist for all Waitresses stuff (including 'Square Pegs' TV show theme and 'Christmas Wrapping'), early '80's. Spent rest of decade producing (Freedy Johnston, Scruffy The Cat, Joan Osbourne) & writing songs in hard-won obscurity, playing drums and doing freelance writing for tech and music mags. Popped back on to the scene with a series of 45's recorded on antique audio gear using Edison wax cylinders, 1940's wire recorders and 1930's home diskcutters. In 1996, released 'The Devil Glitch', a 69-minute song with over 500 verses (1998 Guinness Book of World Records 'World's Longest Pop Song!'). In 1997, released 'I Feel A Bit Normal Today' - a CD of new bent pop. Played drums with Richard Lloyd (Television). In 2001, released 'Un Petit Gouter - The Best of Kilopop!' - a fake 'Best of' from a fake Euro-pop band. In, 2001, released 'Easy Life' (plus a 'alt. Easylife.CD' - an out take CD) - a CD song cycle based on the murder of four students at Kent State University in 1970. In 2002, releases 'The Museum of Me' - a collection of 10-years-worth of audio experiments using antique and obsolete recording gear. Currently collapsed in a corner, and not planning to do a thing unless there is a damn good reason to. June/cb.

1.1 Sure Wish That He Wasn't Here
1.2 Kiss Rock 'N' Roll Goodbye
1.3 Red Drinks!, Red Drinks!
1.4 Sky Men
1.5 To the Wind (Or Something)
1.6 Heaven Can Hurt
1.7 Beat of the World
1.8 Millions ; Millions
1.9 Gone I Go
1.10 Who Are Parents?
1.11 Coming Back Down to Earth
1.12 Red Drinks! [Sonny and Cher Mix]
1.13 Millions and Millions [LP Version]
1.14 Who Are Parents? [Instrumental]
1.15 Millions and Millions [Original 4 Track Demo]
1.16 [Untitled Track]

Kilopop!: Un Petit Gouter-The Best of Kilopop!


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