Kilt the Messenger

Kilt the Messenger: Hero Punk

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Artist: Kilt the Messenger
Title: Hero Punk

In early 2009, in a dimly lit, smoke filled bar on the East Coast of Florida, Kilt the Messenger powered up their guitars, struck in their bagpipes and introduced a small crowd to a brand of indie punk rock the likes of which few had heard before. Since that first performance, KTM has become synonymous with powerhouse performances that incorporate a myriad of different instruments and sounds. Their screaming guitars and thunderous drums are accompanied on any given song by bagpipes, mandolin, viola, keyboards, accordian, banjo, melodica and any other instrument that might fall into their hands. Kilt the Messenger is comprised of five talented, versatile musicians with a deep affection for Celtic punk and All-American rockabilly. They have finally put the finishing touches on their yearlong labor-of-love: their first full length album entitled Hero Punk. Get the album. Become a friend. Become a believer. Become a MESSENGER!!

1.1 Rotten Promises
1.2 Waiting for the One
1.3 Miserable Lives
1.4 Good to Go
1.5 Long Goodbye
1.6 Fall Away
1.7 Never Meant to Be
1.8 Tithing Man
1.9 Sadly Mistaken
1.10 Sayonara
1.11 Roll on
1.12 Hero Punk

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