King Crimson

King Crimson: Thrak (200gm Vinyl)

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Artist: King Crimson

Artist: King Crimson
Title: Thrak (200gm Vinyl)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited double 200gm vinyl LP pressing cut from masters approved by Robert Fripp. Thrak (1995) appears in an expanded edition with the main album taking up sides one - three. Side four features four tracks taken from the Vrooom mini-album which preceded the Thrak sessions plus the complete 'Inner Garden' taken from the Thrak box set. Thrak is the eleventh studio album by the band King Crimson released in 1995, the successor to the mini-album Vrooom (1994).

1.1 Vrooom
1.2 Coda: Marine 475
1.3 Dinosaur
1.4 Walking on Air
1.5 B'Boom
1.6 Thrak
1.7 Inner Garden I
1.8 People
1.9 Radio I
2.1 One Time
2.2 Radio II
2.3 Inner Garden II
2.4 Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream
2.5 Vrooom Vrooom
2.6 Vrooom Vrooom: Coda
2.7 Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream
2.8 Cage
2.9 Thrak
2.10 When I Say Stop, Continue
2.11 Inner Garden (complete)

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