King Ibu

King Ibu: Souvenir

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Product Type: CD
Artist: King Ibu

Title: Souvenir
Label: CD Baby

From the small town of Podor, Senegal, King Ibu brings his love for music to the audiences. Like fellow-countryman and internationally-acclaimed recording artist Baaba Maal, who comes from the same town, King Ibu plays music whose roots lie in the centuries-old tradition of West-African Griots, who are the oral and musical historians of Africa from times preceding the writing of books. Despite it's ancient foundations, King Ibu's music is entirely modern - an exhilarating blend of traditional West-African folk music with contemporary textures and arrangements, an uplifting and spiritual approach to storytelling, and instrumentation that includes guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion which provides an invigorating and infectious backdrop of polyrhythm and bouncy groove to King Ibu's inspired compositions. King Ibu is part acoustic dance music, part storytelling - part get-up-and-groove, and part reflective commentary. It is a combination of the old and new - a reflection of ancient expression portrayed through a lens of social consciousness and awareness of the world we live in today. More than anything else, it is moving and stimulating both emotionally and intellectually. Think Ani Difranco meets Youssou N'Dour!

1.1 Jaakre Nde
1.2 Jawdi Ndi
1.3 Goree
1.4 Lenol Ngol
1.5 Gaynde
1.6 Mommy

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