Kokomo Arnold

Kokomo Arnold: Bottleneck Guitar Trend Setters Of The 1930's

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Kokomo Arnold

Title: Bottleneck Guitar Trend Setters Of The 1930's
Label: Yazoo
Product Type: VINYL LP

1992 release.

1.1 Casey Bill Weldon: You Just As Well Let Her Go (1936)
1.2 Casey Bill Weldon: Go Ahead, Buddy (1937)
1.3 Casey Bill Weldon: Lady Doctor Blues (1937)
1.4 Casey Bill Weldon: The Big Boat (1936)
1.5 Casey Bill Weldon: Hitch Me to Your Buggy and Drive Me Like a Mule (1927)
1.6 Casey Bill Weldon: You Shouldn't Do That (1937)
1.7 Casey Bill Weldon: Back Door Blues (1936)
1.8 Kokomo Arnold: The Twelves (The Dirty Dozens) 1935)
1.9 Kokomo Arnold: I'll Be Up Someday (1936)
1.10 Kokomo Arnold: Busty Bootin' (1935)
1.11 Kokomo Arnold: Sagefield Woman Blues (1934)
1.12 Kokomo Arnold: Back to the Woods (1934)
1.13 Kokomo Arnold: Salty Dog (1937)
1.14 Kokomo Arnold: Feels So Good (1935)

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