Kool & the Gang: Everybody's Dancin

Kool & the Gang: Everybody&
Title: Everybody's Dancin
Label: Masterpiece Import

Digitally remastered edition of the R&B/Funk band's 1978 album. Everybody's Dancin' was, at the time of it's release, an underrated album and did not receive the attention it deserved. The album was released in between the successful early/mid '70s Funk period and their second life in the early '80s as R&B maestros. The eight minute title track is an extravaganza, adding strings and smooth production to a great hook. "You Deserve a Break Today" and "Dancin' Shoes" are strong Funk tracks. But there are also a couple of strong ballads on this album, so don't miss "Stay Awhile" and "I like Music".

1.1 Everybody's Dancin'
1.2 Dancin' Shoes
1.3 Big Chief Funkum
1.4 I Like Music
1.5 You Deserve a Break Today
1.6 At the Party
1.7 Stay Awhile
1.8 It's All You Need
1.9 Peace to the Universe

Kool & the Gang: Everybody's Dancin

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