Kraftwerk: 3-D: The Catalogue

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Artist: Kraftwerk

Artist: Kraftwerk
Title: 3-D: The Catalogue
Product Type: VINYL LP

3-D: The Catalogue (Box Set) - Vinyl LP - This is the ground-breaking 3-D Kraftwerk concert brought thrillingly to life, developed using high definition 3-D visuals, with Dolby Atmos Surround Sound and presented to the technological and audio standards one would associate and indeed come to expect from the pioneering Germans led by founder Ralf Hütter. For the very first time, every Kraftwerk fan can now experience a "gesamtkunstwerk - a total work of art" in the comfort of their own home. Kraftwerk 3-D: The Catalogue features new recordings of Kraftwerk's 8 classic albums performed/filmed at various locations around the world between 2012-2016 and mixed at the band's own state-of-the-art, Kling Klang studio, Düsseldorf.

1.1 LP 1 Autobahn 3-D
1.2 Kometenmelodie 1 3-D
1.3 Kometenmelodie 2 3-D
1.4 Mitternacht 3-D
1.5 Morgenspaziergang 3-D
2.1 LP 2 Geiger Counter 3-D
2.2 Radioactivity 3-D
2.3 Radioland 3-D
2.4 Intermission 3-D
2.5 News 3-D
2.6 Airwaves 3-D
2.7 The Voice of Energy 3-D
2.8 Antenna 3-D
2.9 Radio Stars 3-D
2.10 Uranium 3-D
2.11 Transistor 3-D
2.12 Ohm Sweet Ohm 3-D
3.1 LP 3 Trans Europe Express 3-D
3.2 Métal on Métal 3-D
3.3 Abzug 3-D
3.4 Showroom Dummies 3-D
3.5 Franz Schubert 3-D
3.6 Europe Endless Live
3.7 The Hall of Mirrors 3-D
4.1 LP 4 the Man Machine 3-D
4.2 Spacelab 3-D
4.3 Metropolis 3-D
4.4 The Model 3-D
4.5 Neon Lights 3-D
4.6 The Robots 3-D
5.1 LP 5 Numbers 3-D
5.2 Computer World 3-D
5.3 It's More Fun to Compute 3-D
5.4 Home Computer 3-D
5.5 Computer Love 3-D
5.6 Pocket Calculator 3-D
5.7 Dentaku 3-D
6.1 LP 6 Boing Boom Tschak 3-D
6.2 Techno Pop 3-D
6.3 Music Non-Stop 3-D
6.4 Electric Cafe 3-D
6.5 The Téléphone Call 3-D
6.6 House Phone 3-D
6.7 Sex Object 3-D
7.1 LP 7 the Robots (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)
7.2 Computer Love (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)
7.3 Pocket Calculator (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)
7.4 Dentaku (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)
7.5 Autobahn (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)
8.1 LP 8 Geiger Counter (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)
8.2 Radioactivity (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)
8.3 Trans Europe Express (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)
8.4 Métal on Métal (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)
8.5 Abzug (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)
8.6 Home Computer (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)
8.7 Boing Boom Tschak (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)
8.8 Techno Pop (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)
8.9 Music Non-Stop (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)
8.10 Planet of Visions (Headphone Surround 3-D Mix)
9.1 LP 9 Tour de France 3-D
9.2 Prologue 3-D
9.3 Etape 1 3-D
9.4 Chrono 3-D
9.5 Etape 2 3-D
9.6 Elektro Kardiogramm 3-D
9.7 Aero Dynamik 3-D
9.8 Vitamin 3-D
9.9 La Forme 3-D
9.10 Regeneration 3-D

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