Kyle Meadows

Kyle Meadows: Hammered Dulcimer Solos

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kyle Meadows

Title: Hammered Dulcimer Solos
Label: CD Baby

Originally from South Carolina, I have played instruments most of my life, starting with the piano at age five. I now live in Cold Spring, Kentucky and after working as a biologist, potter and teacher, have made my living as a musician playing primarily the hammered dulcimer for the last sixteen years, although I also play bluegrass style banjo. I play for a variety of events including weddings, receptions, festivals, parties, concerts, dinners and craft markets and at a variety of venues including schools, churches, bookstores, cafes, museums, parks, art galleries, libraries, historic homes and businesses. I play mostly traditional Appalachian, Celtic and Old Time music and have produced several recordings, all of which are available on this site. I enjoy playing informally among the public, a 'sidewalk musician' as it were, allowing anyone interested an opportunity to try the instrument themselves. My music also works especially well as a gentle background for social gatherings. It provides a relaxing atmosphere and still allows for conversation. I often perform with other musicians as well when the occasion calls for a bigger sound. Other instruments I've recorded with are the flute, fiddle, guitar, pennywhistle, harp and banjo, all of which combine wonderfully with the hammered dulcimer.

1.1 Over the Waterfall
1.2 Unknown/Cuckoo's Nest
1.3 Skye Boat Song
1.4 All My Loving
1.5 Si Bheag Si Mhor
1.6 Under the Boardwalk
1.7 Paddy O'Brian's Jig
1.8 A Hard Day's Night
1.9 Marble Halls
1.10 Jigs: Morrison's/Swallowtail/Irish Washerwoman
1.11 Greensleeves
1.12 Leather Britches

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