Last of the Blacksmiths

Last of the Blacksmiths: Last of the Blacksmiths

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Title: Last of the Blacksmiths
Label: CD Baby

San Francisco's Last of the Blacksmiths began recording their first full-length in March 2004. Using a Tascam 388 (a 1980's era eight-channel mixing board-slash-1/4' reel-to-reel recorder, of which only seven channels worked), the band committed to tape-live-more than a dozen of the prettiest, soulful songs you ever did hear (or in your case, are about to). They spent the following months mixing and adding to the tunes with similarly-minded players like Jolie Holland and Matt Henry Cunitz. The result is really a masterpiece of an album. - RH, Thrasher Magazine "This is a remarkably weighty and mature debut. Taking the simple, timeless stories of the everyman--caught between home and beyond, moving on and looking back-- and framing those stories in an equally timeless but contemporary way is something few bands manage..." - Robin Cracknell, Americana UK '...Loaded with more harmonies than the records of the Band, and piling on just enough instrumentation (from a reserved Rhodes and Hammond B3 to a mournful viola (played by the lovely and talented guest artist Jolie Holland) to make the mind reel, without sounding overproduced like so many other releases, "Last of the Blacksmiths" is a record that is both timeless and refreshingly new in it's perspective and goals." - Grant Capes, indie workshop "...It is one of the more traditional folk records that you should listen to on headphones to catch everything and how this band works together, bringing all the parts into one amazing body of work..." - Josh Honn, Uncommon Folk.

1.1 Knowing Me
1.2 Columbus Stockade Blues
1.3 Russian River
1.4 Tree Song
1.5 Pushing Down
1.6 Pete McKenzie
1.7 In My Hands
1.8 Out at Night
1.9 Saloon Song
1.10 A New Way
1.11 Conrad's Rag
1.12 Grass Blade

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