Laura Stevenson & the Cans: Sit Resist

Laura Stevenson & the Cans: Sit Resist
Title: Sit Resist
Label: Don Giovanni Records

First proper album, and second full length release from LAURA STEVENSON AND THE CANS. Members of LATTERMAN and BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. Laura Stevenson was schooled in the traditional music of her grandfather and grandmother (composer of "The Little Drummer Boy" and vocalist for the Benny Goodman Orchestra respectively) from an early age. It wasn't until she started performing with Bomb the Music Industry in her teens, that she began writing on her own. Privately crafting songs on the softer side of indie rock and traditional folk, Stevenson was soon tapped as the band's opener and, with the addition of Mike Campbell and Alex Billig in 2007, Laura Stevenson and the Cans solidified. Their live band grew into a quintet, often times swelling to eight members, and the following debut LP, a Record, won them fans far and wide having been downloaded over 25,000 time since it's 2008 release. Sit Resist, an album centered around never sitting stagnant, sees a matured band that has been continuously at work writing, arranging and touring for the past three years. Lyrically, Stevenson's pen has a sharp, poetic tone, making it impossible not to be taken in by her stories. Where a Record crackled with Stevenson's intimate voice alongside gentle acoustics, begging the listener nearer, Sit Resist commands the attention of all within earshot with it's rich instrumentation and textured melodies.

1.1 Halloween, PTS. 1 ; 2
1.2 Master of Art
1.3 Caretaker
1.4 The Healthy One
1.5 Finish Piece
1.6 Peachy
1.7 8:08
1.8 Red Clay Roots
1.9 Barnacles
1.10 Montauk Monster
1.11 The Wait
1.12 The Weight
1.13 I See Dark

Laura Stevenson & the Cans: Sit Resist

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