Laurel Lee

Laurel Lee: Why Don't We Don't Get Married

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Laurel Lee

Title: Why Don't We Don't Get Married
Label: CD Baby

Hey! 'On the Road' was the featured song on Car Talk, NPR, June 3, 2006, show # 200622!!!! What an honor! 'Laurel Lee and the Escapees sound enough like the best of classic Nashville that you'd check the jukebox, surprised the music's not instantly familiar. The songs seem to be shruggingly-platinum floor-fillers, but Laurel Lee's vocals attain a keening, homespun edge emotive worlds away from Music City.' NW Paper, July 2005 She writes and sings only of things she knows, and knows intimately. 'Why Don't We Don't Get Married' is a tribute to singers, songwriters, and country fans who find they are country in spite of their rock heritage. The band on this recording is an amalgamation of those who have played quintessential parts of certain songs. Bev Edge (The Peasants) sings a lovely, heartfelt harmony, Dan Eccles (Richmond Fontaine) chops through the crap with his chunky leads, Philip Aguerre also leads with a delicate flavor, Neal Gilpin (Belmont Street Octet) offers a sentimental fiddle, Jesse Richter pops in w ith a pedal steel and guitar, Sean Fong (Apeshape) is a monster bass player with monolithic stamina, Greg Keil (erstwhile farmer) solidly partners Laurel Lee's rhythm guitar, Marci Martinez (Team Dresh) learned the finer points of Country drumming with a punk rock history, and two of Laurel Lee's sisters Alisa and Elizabeth sing harmony for a few numbers. Family harmonies are easy on the ear. Recorded with Mike Coykendall (Old Joe Clarks, also recorded Richmond Fontaine, Amelia, and many others) in Portland, Oregon, this recording is offered to those who need to get it OUT. Much love!

1.1 Why Don't We Don't Get Married
1.2 I Would Have Liked to Have Stayed
1.3 I Don't Want to (But I Can)
1.4 Sugar on the Side
1.5 Writing on the Wall
1.6 Maybe He Died
1.7 If It Were Me
1.8 Walk of Shame
1.9 Sing Me to Sleep
1.10 That's What Apart Meant
1.11 Going to My Sister's House Tonight
1.12 On the Road
1.13 Not That Kind of Friend
1.14 I'll Smoke

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