Layzie Bone

Layzie Bone: Thugz Nation

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Artist: Layzie Bone

Artist: Layzie Bone
Title: Thugz Nation

Platinum artist, Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is cooking up some of his hardest lyrics to date teaming up with the bad boys of Latin Rap, Mr Capone-E, Mr Criminal also featuring Swizz Beatz, Mo Thugs, Krayzie Bone, and special guest Wish Bone. His fans have been anticipating THUGZ NATION as the buzz is escalating on the internet, Layzie Bone has dedicated the album to all the real Gangsta's. You can't get any harder than this, on THUGZ NATION, you get hotter tracks from Fingazz, Swizz Beatz and the Crime Lab.

1.1 Intro - Thugz Nation
1.2 2. Youknow My Name
1.3 3. Chillen Like a MuthaF*#ka
1.4 4. Toast 2 That - (With Bone Thugs-N-Harmony/Swizz Beats)
1.5 5. We Ain't Hard to Find - (With Mr. Criminal/Mr. Capone-E)
1.6 6. Bone Thugs Boys - (With Krayzie Bone/Wishbone)
1.7 7. This Is a Warning - (With Mo Thugs Soldier's)
1.8 8. Runnin Up on Da Punk Police - (With Krayzie Bone)
1.9 9. Odds Against Me - (With Mo Thugs Soldier's)
1.10 10. Freash to Def - (With Big Sloan/Mr. Criminal)
1.11 11. Cold Mutha F*#kers - (With Big Sloan/Stomper)
1.12 12. Mind of This Money - (With Krayzie Bone)
1.13 13. Slide with a Playa
1.14 14. She's So Fresh - (With Malow Mac)
1.15 15. Callin All B*Ches - (With Miss Lady Pinks)
1.16 16. Bonus Thug Track
1.17 17. Outro - Thugz Nation

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