Leather Strip

Leather Strip: Solitary Confinement

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Artist: Leather Strip

Artist: Leather Strip
Title: Solitary Confinement
Product Type: VINYL LP

- Limited edition clear vinyl pressing of this 1992 industrial classic considered by many to be Claus Larsen's greatest album featuring his most well-known song "Strap Me Down" plus others!

1.1 Mortal Thoughts
1.2 Strap Me Down
1.3 I Am Your Conscience
1.4 Nothing Seen Nothing Done
1.5 The Dance of Deception
1.6 Evil Speaks
1.7 Adrenalin Rush
1.8 Crash Flight 232 92
1.9 Croatia
1.10 Red Meat Attraction
1.11 Jantes Revenge
1.12 Antius (Psycho Strip Edit)
1.13 Steal
1.14 The Nature of God
1.15 Leather Strip, Part 2 [88]
1.16 Body Machine Body

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