Let Me Down Hard / Original Motion Picture: Let Me Down Hard (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Let Me Down Hard / Original Motion Picture: Let Me Down Hard / Original Motion Picture
Title: Let Me Down Hard (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Label: Main Man Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Jack Ainsley was a star, a rock star. He had a hit record, a rabid following and money to burn. He also had an ego the size of his tour bus and a soul-crushing temper to match, until one night it all evaporated, right in front his eyes. Now, 15 years later he finds himself back in the place he couldn't escape from fast enough, and to the tattered remains of the family he'd left behind. In a city that is as much a character in this story as Jack himself, Asbury Park NJ. The Jersey shore music scene hot bed that birthed Springsteen, Bon Jovi and Southside, and the legendary Stone Pony. A city that is no stranger to the struggles between it's own out-sized aspirations and the realities in which it lives. A city of broken dreams and faded glories. A city, like Jack himself, now on the verge of rebirth. Jack's sister Carrie has been holding things together with twine since he left. Their mother's increasing dementia, and her daughter's own burgeoning independence threatens to completely extinguish any remnants of her own neglected ambitions. Jacks return reunites the siblings and sets off a story of dashed dreams, self-doubt and betrayal. It also poses the question; to what degree can the unconditionality of familial bonds be stretched? Along the way Jack externally basks in the adulation of old friends and former lovers who still see him as a hero, while internally loathing them for all the attention because he can't afford a pack of smokes, a stark reminder of the depth to which he's sunk and the place to which he's been forced to return. Jack's arrogance and self-determination have been replaced by humility and a dependence upon his family that he never dreamed possible. It forces Jack into making a choice between the dream of a new life and the reality of an old one. The film is currently making the rounds internationally on the film festival circuit, and is set for worldwide distribution in 2017.

1.1 Frankenstein 3000 - Revolution (Coming of Age)
1.2 Dialogue - on the Bright Side
1.3 Acid - Motorcycle
1.4 The Rib Eye Brothers - Shit Car
1.5 Dialogue - 5 O'Clock Rest Stop
1.6 Frankenstein 3000 - Goin' Away
1.7 Acid - Solitaire
1.8 Daniel Ash Featuring Christopher the Minister - Where's My Leather
1.9 The Rib Eye Brothers - Hypnotist
1.10 The Atomic Bitchwax - Down with the Swirl
1.11 Monster Magnet - Unbroken (Hotel Baby)
1.12 Dialogue - Kajagoogoo
1.13 Earl Slick; Keith Roth - Save the Planet
1.14 Dialogue - Broke Up with Todd
1.15 Dandy Warhols - Cherry Bomb
1.16 Dialogue - Held for Ransom
1.17 Battery Electric - Holiday in Heaven
1.18 Dialogue - Good Luck
1.19 James Dunigan - a Song Called Believe
1.20 John Eddie - Let Me Down Hard (Live)

Let Me Down Hard / Original Motion Picture: Let Me Down Hard (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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