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Lil La La: Forgiven One

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Artist: Lil La La

Artist: Lil La La
Title: Forgiven One

Rapper, Producer, Teacher, Lil la La is a small female physically,but mentally she is on the right track to become the next Missy Elliott. She was born September 14, 1979 in San Jose, California. Weighing in at 8lbs, 11.5 ounces, no one would have ever dreamed she would grow to be the person she is today, committed to doing the work of God, warm, kind and very very caring when it comes to children and senior citizens and helping her mother. She is the second oldest child in a family of five children. La La graduated high school in 1997 with a 3.5 gpa and a desire to be an architect. But God had other plans for her. At the age of 3 she began her quest in the field of modeling and dance. She studied dance for three (3) years, became a Barbizon girl and participated in her first pageant -- Ms. Northern California where she placed 1st runner up. At the age of 5, La La accepted Christ and began to blossom in the world of music. She pushed for perfection and reached for the stars. She excelled in music, playing the clarinet but found this did not satisfy her yearning to spread the word to other youth her age. By age 10, she was playing the drums for her church -- Emmanuel Baptist Church, where she was the drummer for four (4) different choirs. Between the age of 10 and 20, LaLa has continued to grow and has participated in numerous competitions, designed houses and apartment buildings and founded a choir --TheBerryessa Community Children's Choir. Prior to graduation from high school, she was recognized by the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority in 1997 and received the Santa Clara County Certificate of Appreciation for her work in the community. In 1999, she founded another group, Gods Chosen Ones. This group sing, rap and dance. They have performed through out California as far north as San Francisco and as far south as San Diego. They have performed for many recording artist such as John P. Kee and the UC Davis Gospel Choir. In 2000, she received the Santa Clara Valley Martin Luther King Good Neighbor Award for her dedication and commitment to working with the youth in the community, and the Santa Clara County Foster Care Certificate of Appreciation for her committed work in the community and work with foster children. Currently attending San Jose State University where she is a musician for the San Jose State Gospel Ensemble, she plans to receive her BS degree in Recreation with a minor concentration in Music. La La is a very unusual young lady. Instead of spending her free time on the weekend hanging out with her friends, she spends her time working with young children, holding bible study with teens or in the studio making Gods music happen. Her favorite motto to the kids is 'If God gives you the talent and made the opportunity available, then it's for me too. I must pursue his calling and spread His word among the young'. This year, La La plans to release her first album, 'The Forgiven One.' LOOK OUT FOR GCO PRODUCTIONS NEW GROUP OTIC (ONE TEAM IN CHRIST) WITH THERE DEBUT ALBUM 'YOUNGSTAS MINDS' COMING IN 2004!!!

1.1 Intro
1.2 Make U Halla
1.3 Come on Featuring Merc 6
1.4 Pop Yo Colla
1.5 Avenues Featuring DJ Maximas ; Merc 6
1.6 My All, My Everything
1.7 Rowling Feat Gco Click
1.8 Make U Halla Remix Feat Big Will ; Merc 6
1.9 Bow Down
1.10 Closing Prayer

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