Lilly Bee & the Pollinators

Lilly Bee & the Pollinators: Lilly Bee & the Pollinators

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Title: Lilly Bee & the Pollinators
Label: CD Baby

After more than two years of crafting songs and building a band, Lilly Bee and the Pollinators have created an album that harnesses the power and emotion of their funkified sound. Ranging from breezy to hurricane force, Lilly Bee's voice is up front in the mix, clearly establishing her as the centerpiece of the band, while six supporters set the stage for each tune with bold horn arrangements, nasty bass lines and snaky guitar. The lyrics range from funny to joyous, sexy to conflicted, sad to scary. Built on a foundation of old-school funk and soul, this debut album by Lilly Bee and The Pollinators gives modern edge to a classic sound.

1.1 I Can Do What I Want
1.2 In Decision
1.3 Dark Corners
1.4 See Here
1.5 Flyin' Away
1.6 Step Up
1.7 Daytime Lover
1.8 The Fever
1.9 Baltimore
1.10 Gets No Better
1.11 More More More

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