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Linda Storey: Willow Tree

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Artist: Linda Storey

Title: Willow Tree
Label: CD Baby

'Willow Tree' will be featured on the new TV series, 'Broken Wings'. Linda's episode is titled 'As the Willow Bends'. Linda Storey's music will take you through a flood of emotions an array of styles with an uniqueness that is her. In the early 70's as a teenager she played folk, blues, classical and several finger picking styles on her guitar. With her clear, enticing voice she started her professional career at 15. Storey's love for music is easy to see, then and now. Even though life had thrown some of it's best curves at her Storey comes up fighting everytime. More focused then ever. At the age of 23 the diagnosis of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) was made. By this time she had also mastered the bass guitar. And she had several years of playing on the road in bands under her belt. In the 70's there were no proven treatments for MS, also there was no way of predicting the course of the disease. Unwilling to give up her career Storey continued playing, This meant sitting down while performing one of the first changes she made in order to continue.' God gave us an intelligence for a reason. Sometimes we need to make changes to realize our dreams.' Storey says. Storey had been married only a couple of months to a musician before the diagnosis of MS was made. It took it's toll on the marriage, within a year the band Linda and her ex-husband were in came off the road. Storey became depressed and a divorce soon followed. It seemed like her world was crashing down around her. 'Our spirit is like a willow tree, in the storms of life it will bend.' A quote from her song 'Willow Tree'. Storey's spirit was bent for a while but once again she picked herself up and started another band. Moon Dance, a rock band that played throughout the Pacific Northwest. This time Storey would not only sit down while performing, she hired a rhythm guitar player who could also play bass when her hands would tire. In the early 80's she met her future husband Ken Storey. He was well aware of her MS. She was using a cane in order to get on stage each night. They didn't let that stand in their way. One and 1/2 years later they married and moved back to Storey's home state Colorado. Ken went to work at Martin Marietta and instead of playing music they both had a new direction, two children daughter Jessica and 6 years later their son Matthew. Linda found new ways of taking care of their children. It was too dangerous to carry a child while stumbling with a cane so she purchased an electric 3 Wheeler. While holding the baby with one arm she drove the chair with the other. Freedom Service Dogs provided her with a service dog who helped in several ways. One was to pick up whatever was dropped including baby toys thrown out of the play pen! Over several years a voice activated computer was supplied. Storey wants to encourage others to not give up but to persevere. It may take what seems to be a lot of time but there are ways of getting the help that's needed. 'Sometimes we need to be brought down to our knees to realize what we've been given'. There's a spirit inside of all of us, with Gods help we will find our way.' We're not faulty machines that need to be scrapped when an arm or leg stops working.' In her song 'Give Me The Spirit' she says 'Even though you take my legs, I can still walk in His ways. And if you should take my arms, my Lord embraces me'. In '98' she produced her CD 'Willow Tree' Storey's writing comes from the heart and a lifetime of experiences. From her rocky 'Jireh' the blues of 'Can't Blame It On The Moon' to the haunting melody of 'Willow Tree' she sings with passion and conviction. She wants to give hope to all who are suffering 'We all have our crosses to bear'. 'Rainbow Up To Heaven' is a beautiful song explaining death to her children. After the man next door died, Storey's son then 5 said, when he dies,'I want to take a rainbow up to heaven.' Storey has had several radio and TV interviews, write ups in newspapers and magazines trying to encourage others. Aside from her other appearances Storey has given free concerts for the National MS Societies Walk-a-thon in Denver and the MS 150 Bike Tour. She also has performed at the Freedom Grand Prix to raise funds for Freedom Service Dogs. A portion of each 'Willow Tree' CD is donated to the National MS Society.

1.1 Willow Tree
1.2 A Child's Cry
1.3 As Sure As the Stars
1.4 Jireh
1.5 Give Me the Spirit
1.6 Psalm 131
1.7 Rainbow Up to Heaven
1.8 Boulder Hill
1.9 Can't Blame It on the Moon
1.10 Can't Say

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