Linn Brown

Linn Brown: Songs

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Artist: Linn Brown

Artist: Linn Brown
Title: Songs

I recorded 'Songs' in 1999 and it was done in time for 'Science Fiction and the Year 2000' to make sense. 'The Story Of My Life' has a middle 'rap' in it that has become known as the 'penguin rap'. My friend Elizabeth Zirker played violin on 'I Fell In Love With A Stranger', a song I wrote in the early 70's. 'The Ballad Of Lorna Hawkins' was written after I heard a news story about Lorna on TV. I felt proud to have it used in conjunction with the Million Mom March. My brother Joel wrote 'When Love's Not On Your SIde'. It is one of my favorite songs in the whole world. Well, i will stop writing about it now and let you listen to it. I hope you like it! Linn.

1.1 The Story of My Life
1.2 I Fell in Love with a Stranger
1.3 I Can't Listen to the Radio
1.4 The Ballad of Lorna Hawkins
1.5 When Love's Not on Your Side
1.6 I Like Your Face
1.7 Sing Together
1.8 Science Fiction and the Year 2000

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