Blainey-Lewin, Lisa: Set Yourself Free

Lisa Blainey-Lewin: Set Yourself Free
Title: Set Yourself Free
Label: CD Baby

Set yourself free of the emotional burdens that weigh you down. Entering the meditation or bliss state can be easy. You can master the art of meditation through the simple breathing techniques demonstrated in Track One - Introduction. The sixty-minute 'Set Yourself Free' Meditation is enjoyable and relaxing. You deserve this beautiful, soul-cleansing and renewing experience. Here you can allow yourself to feel good as you set yourself free of old emotional traumas and past baggage through a series of visual and breathing exercises. You can enhance this experience by combining the harmonic vibrations and wonderful aromas of the 'Feelings Kit' essential oil pack produced by Young Living Essential Oils. Easy to use and made with beautiful intentions, the six bottles in the 'Feelings Kit' may be applied during the meditation, helping you take your meditative experience to a whole new level. The BONUS intrumental track contains purely the subtle yet strong healing sounds of the powerful Alchemy Crystal Bowls, an ancient Tibetan Singing Bowl, Elfin Chimes, Fibonacci Tuning Forks, a Gong, and the sounds of nature from the Tranquil recording studio just outside of Maleny on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Region of Australia. This track with harmonising notes from sacred sound instruments is perfect to play in the background as it works subtly to keep you balanced and focused thoughout your day.

1.1 Introduction to Set Yourself Free Meditation - Lisa Blainey-Lewin
1.2 Set Yourself Free Meditation - Lisa Blainey-Lewin
2.1 Set Yourself Free Instrumental - Lisa Blainey-Lewin

Blainey-Lewin, Lisa: Set Yourself Free

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