Little River Band

Little River Band: Greatest Hits

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Little River Band
Title: Greatest Hits

All of their greatest hits from the 1970'2 and 1980's.

1.1 Lonesome Loser
1.2 Help Is on It's Way
1.3 Cool Change
1.4 Take It Easy on Me
1.5 Face in the Crowd
1.6 Reminiscing
1.7 Night Owls
1.8 Lady
1.9 We Two
1.10 Other Guy
1.11 Man on Your Mind
1.12 I'll Always Call Your Name
1.13 Down on the Border
1.14 Happy Anniversary
1.15 Playing to Win
1.16 It's Not a Wonder
1.17 You're Driving Me Out of My Mind
1.18 It's a Long Way There

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