Liz Carroll: In Play

Liz Carroll: In Play
Title: In Play
Label: Compass Records

IN PLAY is a classic duo recording from Irish instrumental virtuosos Liz Carroll and John Doyle.

1.1 The Ronan Boys/Ralph's 2-3-5
1.2 Norhtern Jig/ the Box Man
1.3 Rolling in the Barrell/The Laurel Tree/O'Rouke's
1.4 The Island of Woods
1.5 Smokies in Arbroath/Mystery Writer/The Blessings of Gold
1.6 Kieran's Polka/The Bike to Ballyhahill
1.7 Hunter's Moon/Getting There/The Morris Minor
1.8 The Man with One Kidney/The Spy Czar
1.9 Fremont Center/The 'Vornado'/Minutemen
1.10 Dennehy Dancers/The McSweeney Side
1.11 Ashleigh Roach's/With Ourselves/Wild Pitch
1.12 A Long Night on the Misty Moor
1.13 Ceisel's Sword/The Monasteryedan Fancy

Liz Carroll: In Play

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