Loisaida: Priority Seating

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Artist: Loisaida

Title: Priority Seating
Label: CD Baby

Loisaida took a new breath of air in 1990, when by chance at a jam session at Pupa's 35 birthday party, a new generation of Loisaida musicians decided to reform the band with old and new material. Edwin (Pupa) Santiago (all guitars, vocals, and musical director) Upbringing in the mountains of Lares, Puerto Rico helped compose the band's crossover music, known today as Jibaro Latin Rock. Pupa has a strong rock background with such influence as Santana, David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Fripp, to mention a few. Pupa's being a rock-n-roller does not mean he has lost touch with his culture and music. Some of his early Spanish influence includes Ricardo Rey and Jibaro music of Puerto Rico. Born: Lares, PR. Has performed with: Tronopathic Waves, People of Time, Sonido Costeno, Moralez, Crosstown Committee, Electronic Drummer & The Atom, Andormeda, Bernardo Palombo and Tico Da Acosta. David Soto (Vocals) was asked by Pupa how he felt about putting the band back together. David agreed and the rest is history. With Edgard's blessing of the idea, the band re-formed. With David Soto's outstanding vocals and Lower East Side, he would bring a new street sound to the group. David had performed with Pupa & Bimbo on an off Broadway production of Benito Vas Con Pique. As a front man for the band, he brings his dancing skills, high energy & excellent vocals. Born: Loisaida, NY. Has performed with Grupo Cemi, Josanna, Trinity, Body Rockers Empire and Bernardo Palombo. David Lopez (drummer) met Pupa at a Sonido Costeno Concert at a Celebrate Brooklyn Concert Series. David brings his strong Latin rock influence to the band. He loves to make jokes and tell stories. You can't take this guy seriously, only when he's behind his kit. Born: Humancao, PR. has performed with Johnny Mendez (Grupo Morivivi), Sonido Costeno, Atika, Korus and Luna Visions. Edwin (Eddie Conde) Perez: (congas, percussions) returned to the band after being absent for over 15 years. Conde & Edgard Rivera did presentations at the New Yorican Poet's Cafe when they were located on East 6th Street. The band was not officially together as ABC LOISAIDA yet. Conde could be found jamming in the parks of the Lower East Side with his friends like The Salsa Twins, Stephanie Chapman, Richie Cruz and others. Conde has a great ear for typical sounds and styles. Born: Loisaida, NY. Has performed with the Manhattans and Fhusto Rey. Steve Colon (timbales, congas, and percussion) returned to the band after being absent for over 15 years and have been good friends since. You could find them jamming at Tucasa Sound Studio. Colon is a master timbalero and percussionist. A lot of his talent must of rub of from his late brother, the talented Eddie Colon. Born: Manhattan, NY. Has performed with Johnny Wha Wha, Hilton Ruiz, Larry Harlow, Manny Roman and Shogun. Johnny 'Pump' Ortiz (keyboards, vocals) called Pupa after sitting in a rehearsal of the band. Through their conversation, they found out that both of them had lived in Cayey, PR. Both Edgar Rivera, Kenny Olson & Pupa were from Cayey. Musically they hit it off right away. Camacho has a very soulful voice with a mean keyboard sound. Born: Manhattan, NY. Has performed with Earl Lewis & the Channels, Jay & the Americans, Heat Wave, Ricky Nelson, Salsa Jazz Express, Retparada & the Delrons and Vito & the Salutation. John Eve (bass), brought to the band by Camacho, has a very strong musical history. Since his arrival to the band, he has been very upbeat and a supporter of the groups projects and music. With his ear for detail, he brings a strong foundation to the band. John is the only member that is not a native from PR. His family is from Santo Domingo and he was born in New York City. Born: Manhattan, NY. Has performed with Earl Lewis & the Channels, Yellow Dog, Main Ingredient and Listen My Brother Review. Band members: Edwin 'Pupa' Santiago - all guitars, vocals, and musical director David Soto: Vocals David Lopez: drummer John Eve: bass Edwin 'Eddie Conde' Perez: congas, percussion Steve Colon: timbales, congas, and percussion Johnny 'Pump' Ortiz: keyboards, vocals.

1.1 Live Life
1.2 Serenity
1.3 Nina Bonita - Part(I)
1.4 Nina Bonita - Part (II)The Storm
1.5 Taino Drums
1.6 Cuando Nacio Mi Hija - Sung By Elvira Franco
1.7 Latin Groove
1.8 Soy Puertoriqueno Part (I)
1.9 Soy Puertoriqueno Part (II)

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