Loose Fur

Loose Fur: Born Again in the USA

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Loose Fur

Title: Born Again in the USA
Label: Drag City

Super group and power trio Loose Fur delivers their second album BORN AGAIN IN THE USA. Comprised of Jeff Tweedy, Glenn Kotche and Jim O'Rourke, Loose Fur, keep the changes coming crafting a complete album of classic and questing pop music that will satisfy fans worldwide.

1.1 Hey Chicken
1.2 The Ruling Class
1.3 Answers to Your Questions
1.4 Apostolic
1.5 Stupid As the Sun
1.6 Pretty Sparks
1.7 An Ecumenical Matter
1.8 Thou Shalt Wilt
1.9 Wreckroom
1.10 Wanted

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