Jim Kerr: Lostboy!

Lostboy! Aka Jim Kerr: Lostboy!
Title: Lostboy!
Label: Ear Music

2010 solo release from Simple Minds vocalist Jim Kerr (AKA Lostboy). The Lostboy project sees Kerr dedicating his voice and his songwriting to a solo album outside of Simple Minds for the first time in over 30 years. Produced by Jez Coad (behind the desk on the latest two Simple Minds albums) who is also playing guitars and keyboards, the album has a wide spectrum of sounds and emotions. From the Electro-Alternative of 'She Fell in Love with Silence', to the recognizable SM sound of the instantly classic 'Shadowland', through leftfield episodes like 'Solo Man' or 'Return of the King', Lostboy is a sight for sore ears.

1.1 Refugee
1.2 She Fell in Love with Silence
1.3 Shadowland
1.4 Return of the King
1.5 Red Letter Day
1.6 Remember Asia
1.7 Bulletproof Heart
1.8 Lostboy!
1.9 Nail Through My Heart
1.10 Solo Man Solo Head
1.11 The Wait

Jim Kerr: Lostboy!

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