Louie Ehrlich: Rock in the Sand

Louie Ehrlich: Rock in the Sand
Title: Rock in the Sand
Label: CD Baby

Louie is an MBA and a CIO for a major oil company in San Ramon, CA. and a very talented songwriter/artist beginning to get noticed by the music industry. One of those who has taken particular interest, grammy award winner Craig Krampf (Nashville-based musician, songwriter, and producer) says that it is the 'heart and passion' in Louie's voice that first caught his attention. Krampf played an instrumental role in producing Louie's first CD ( 'at home' - released in late 1998 on Comstock Records and In Your Ear Records - available on mp3.com and earbuzz.com) and has teamed up with Louie again on Louie's new release ( 'The Rock In The Sand') - recently released on In Your Ear Records and also available on these web sites. One cut from Louie's first CD, 'Just Like You' was extremely well received by European radio ( peaked at #2 on Indie charts, #11 on ECMA major chart) as well as US independent radio (peaked at #12 on The Panel Report charts). In a 1999 article, Country Music Round-Up, one of Britain's leading country music newspapers, wrote that 'Ehrlich has a great voice which he uses to telling effect on this record. Will we be hearing new Ehrlich recordings soon? I certainly hope so.' And now, with players like the great Al Perkins (steel guitar, lap steel, slack key guitar, and banjo) of Dan Fogelberg fame, the talented Chris Leuzinger (guitar) from many Garth Brooks records, rockin' Spencer Campbell (bass) fresh off of a recent Cheryl Crow tour, the multi-talented Craig Krampf, and Louie's special vocal and writing talents, it is no wonder why a buzz around Nashville and within the industry has begun in response to Louie's new album ( 'The Rock In The Sand'). In a recent review in a Mississippi Gulf Coast newspaper, 'The Rock In The Sand' CD was described as ' a heartfelt example of the type of music played by George Strait, Paul Overstreet, and Randy Travis: old timey, with traditional instruments but with the added bonus of updated production that spotlights the purity of the mostly acoustic band of session pros. The tracks are refreshingly sincere, catchy, and engaging. Louie Ehrlich is a talented singer, songwriter and guitarist - truly a country star on the rise!' A successful businessman trying to make it in the music industry as a songwriter/artist? This unique combination of talents may just be the ticket to make it happen. Maybe it is time for Louie to quit the day job!

1.1 The Rock in the Sand
1.2 If This Ain't Love
1.3 To Get Over You
1.4 Jessica

Louie Ehrlich: Rock in the Sand

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