Lower Plenty: Life/Thrills

Lower Plenty: Life/Thrills
Title: Life/Thrills
Label: Mexican Summer
Product Type: VINYL LP

Life/Thrills is the Melbourne group's third full-length, and their collective experience (members play in a host of other bands, not limited to Total Control, the UV Race, Exhaustion, Deaf Wish and Dick Diver) will leave you thoroughly unprepared for the beautiful confusion suggested by these ten songs, which seem to have the power of slowing and even stopping time. Suitable comparisons to this music are as disparate as early Cat Power, Arab Strap, the Shrimper roster ca. 1992, the Sun City Girls, and the late '60s/early '70s output of the Red Crayola, but as with much truly original music, Lower Plenty resists direct comparison and defies expectation. Their shambling, discordant presence will relieve you of any preconceptions ? this is one best experienced alone, as the sun fades into the horizon for the night.

1.1 Waiting on a Tram
1.2 Calculations
1.3 Life/Thrills
1.4 Took a Trip
1.5 Concrete Floor
1.6 On the Beach
1.7 Jealous
1.8 Go Down
1.9 You Pushed Me
1.10 Lots of Lows

Lower Plenty: Life/Thrills

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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