Lowlife: Diminuendo

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Lowlife

Title: Diminuendo
Label: LTM

LTM are pleased to announce Diminuendo + Singles, the third release in our CD reissue program by cult Scottish dream-pop band Lowlife, who released a string of acclaimed albums between 1985 and 1995. Lowlife were formed in Grangemouth 1985 when original Cocteau Twins bassist Will Heggie joined former Dead Neighbours members Craig Lorentsen, Grant McDowell and Stuart Everest. Their atmospheric, moody sound scapes were often compared to Joy Division, New Order, Comsat Angels and - yes - the Cocteau Twins, yet the band received widespread acclaim over the course of six albums released through indie label Nightshift. Diminuendo + Singles combines all nine tracks from the second album Diminuendo (released in 1987) with 7 bonus tracks taken from the non-album singles and EPs Hollow Gut, Vain Delights and Swirl It Swings. Diminuendo + Singles has been carefully digitally re-mastered from the original master tapes, and features 16 tracks.

1.1 A Sullen Sky
1.2 Big Uncle Ugliness
1.3 Ragged Rise to Tumbledown
1.4 From Side to Side
1.5 Off Pale Yellow
1.6 Tongue Tied and Twisted
1.7 Licking One's Wounds
1.8 Wonders Will Never Cease
1.9 Given to Dreaming
1.10 Hollow Gut
1.11 Permanent Sleep (Steel Mix)
1.12 Eternity Road (12" Mix)
1.13 Swing
1.14 Colours Blue
1.15 Ramified

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