Lula Wiles

Lula Wiles: What Will We Do

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Lula Wiles

Artist: Lula Wiles
Title: What Will We Do
Product Type: VINYL LP

On What Will We Do, Lula Wiles channel infectious energy and bold insight into music that strikes with purpose. The band fosters contradiction, embracing the spirit of traditional American music, yet unflinchingly calling into question the virtues of the culture that produces it- country songs that shine a light on a country's crimes; love songs about being alone; murder ballads that challenge the standards of morality. Lula Wiles exist in the tense space where tradition and revolution meet, from which their harmonies rise into the air to create new American music.

1.1 Love Gone Wrong
1.2 Hometown
1.3 Nashville, Man
1.4 Independence Day
1.5 If I Don't Go
1.6 Bad Guy
2.1 The Pain of Loving You
2.2 Good Old American Values
2.3 Leave Me Now
2.4 Shaking As It Turns
2.5 Morphine
2.6 What Will We Do

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