M. Gene Hoffman

M. Gene Hoffman: Ocean Meets the Sky

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Artist: M. Gene Hoffman

Artist: M. Gene Hoffman
Title: Ocean Meets the Sky

'I have always been fascinated with places. Beautiful places, peaceful places, sun baked, wooded and ocean-steeped places. Anywhere you could go that would make you really FEEL it, and the sights and sounds that would bring you back once you were far from there. I wrote this album to try to capture some of those places. Each song is a sort of window to them, a way to get back there for a moment- toes in the sand, face in a stream or high up into clear blue sky.' BIO M. Gene Hoffman was born in the shadow of the towering Rocky Mountains. His first music was plunked out at the age of two, when he toddled into his Dad's recording studio and decided he liked it there. His music began to win awards as early as elementary school. Growing up with musicians and artists helped solidify his love for music and expression, and living in Australia and spending time in China and on the islands of the Caribbean Sea opened his mind to many influences and cultures. His music reflects his love for nature and simple things, and is often spiced by his 'thing for rhythm.' M. happily composes, arranges, performs and produces his music.

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