Ward, M.: Migration Stories

Ward, M.: Migration Stories
Title: Migration Stories
Label: Anti
Product Type: VINYL LP

"It was in winter 18/19 - I flew to Montreal to meet with Tim Kingsbury, Richard Reed Parry, Craig Silvey and Teddy Impakt at Le Studio Du Arcade Fire. It was a fine time with a dream team in a city I love. Winter in beautiful Quebec. Les semaines les plus froides de ma vie. I had a bunch of demos that were inspired by migration stories I had heard from friends or read in newspapers while on tour in Europe and North America. I remember being struck by the similarities of the stories I heard from both continents and how really only the names of the powerful and the powerless had changed - thinking, "Is this the future? Is this our future?"Some time went by, the stories wove together and I remember them now closer to characters in a dream of how people could treat each other than any kind of front-page news realism. I think music subconsciously - whether writing or listening - is a filter for me - helping to process all the bad news into something new to build from - some records to me are like self-fulfilling prophecies - visualizing change to wish something into being - those records inspired this one." - M. Ward

1.1 Migration of Souls
1.2 Heaven's Nail and Hammer
1.3 Coyote Mary's Traveling Show
1.4 Independent Man
1.5 Stevens' Snow Man
1.6 Unreal City
1.7 Real Silence
1.8 Along the Santa Fe Trail
1.9 Chamber Music
1.10 Torch
1.11 Rio Drone

Ward, M.: Migration Stories

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