Mad Laughter: Shined

Mad Laughter: Shined
Title: Shined
Label: CD Baby

Mad Laughter keeps today's audience in mind while nevertheless drawing from many classic influences in their overall original metallic approach. Their newly released c.d. entitled 'The Shined' draws from such old school greats as Black Sabbath, Kiss, Van Halen (Roth era), Megadeth, old Metallica, and Yngwie Malmsteen, as well as the more modern Alice In Chains and Disturbed. The band has the perspective that in playing clubs there is room for a sense of humor- hints of this turn up on the c.d. Guitarist/vocalist Matt Gyarmaty won the very last Milwaukee/WI Guitar Wars competition held at the late TA Verns, drummer Tony Brandt has opened for the likes of Slayer in a band called Phantasm, and bassist Lee Groth's marketing saavy and sense of humor have helped to make 'Mad Laughter' a well known name around Milwaukee. As for the c.d., click on the audio tracks and decide for yourself-what do you got to lose? Thanks to all who read this.

1.1 Hush Money
1.2 A Little Rough
1.3 Deception
1.4 S.O.S
1.5 Tear It Down
1.6 One Foot in the Grave
1.7 Alien Sex Crimes
1.8 Justice for Sale
1.9 Land of Corruption
1.10 Kings of the Day

Mad Laughter: Shined

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