Madeleine Haze

Madeleine Haze: More Perfect Union

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Madeleine Haze

Title: More Perfect Union
Label: CD Baby

A MORE PERFECT UNION The Madeleine Haze began as an acoustic solo project for vocalist/guitarist Zack Goebbel, primarily as a coping mechanism after drug addiction claimed the lives of both of his parents. Inspired by French novelist Marcel Proust's story of how the taste of a madeleine cake brought forth an overwhelming rush of memories and emotions; Zack set out to use music as a way of dealing with his own pain, while also connecting with the emotions of the listener. The result was an acoustic EP entitled "In Search Of Lost Time", which was not intended to be heard by anyone but close friends. However, local and regional radio stations began playing the song "The Albatross", and Zack began looking to turn his project into a full band. He connected instantly with drummer Ben Carter, and after a national search for a permanent bassist, found Pete Trafalski to complete the band. Meanwhile, they began writing new material; resulting in a hybrid of technical Progressive Metal with radio-friendly Alternative Rock hooks. This new sound has been compared to everyone from Shinedown to Kings X, and attracted the attention of record labels as well as a legion of new fans. A US tour followed, along with support appearances for bands such as Fixer, Broken Teeth, American Dog and Bulletboys. The band's appearance at the 2009 fund-raising concert in New York City for first responders of the 9/11 terrorist attacks opened their eyes to a much broader world to explore through music. Where the acoustic album was more introspective, the band decided to begin speaking out on issues that affect the entire country...and the course for the album was set. This album, entitled A More Perfect Union, is The Madeleine Haze's unfiltered view of America. From the fast-paced call-to-action We Set Fires (inspired by the words of Samuel Adams) to the dark warnings of a society on the brink in Phantoms, the band pulls no punches with it's views on modern day politics and culture. The cover of the album features model Angelina Armani, one of the hottest stars in the adult film industry, as the personification of America. She is freedom, the natural state of humanity, emblazoned with the words of the Constitution on her body; but also desecrated and restrained, a reflection of what a corrupt government can do to our liberties. The album was produced by Tim Schock and David Patterson, and mastered by King's X guitarist Ty Tabor. Fiercely political, while refusing to align with any major political party; undoubtedly mainstream, while resisting the confines of a cookie-cutter music industry; The Madeleine Haze are the new paradigm for independent, modern Hard Rock.

1.1 We Set Fires
1.2 Slave
1.3 Defining Deviancy Down
1.4 Petty, Jane
1.5 The Complex
1.6 Phantoms

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