Majestic: Epsilon 1

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Artist: Majestic

Artist: Majestic
Title: Epsilon 1

Majestic proudly announces the release of a new double CD space odyssey titled Epsilon. Building off the success of our 2012 V.O.Z release, Epsilon promises to deliver what progressive rock fans will call a favorite of 2014. Beginning with the artwork, French graphic artist Jonathan Maurin (Aeon Lux) handles visuals. Joining us for vocals is V.O.Z alumni David Cagle (Liberty & Justice), Celine Derval (Scythia) and Chris Hodges (Every Living Soul). Majestic veteran Jessica Rasche returns to make a special cameo appearance. Finally, we introduce Marc Atkinson (Riversea, Nine Stones Close, Mandalaband) who contributes his amazing voice to Majestic. Epsilon is going to be a two part release and CD 2 will go out end of summer 2014. Stay Tuned!!

1.1 Chariots
1.2 Mother Dearest
1.3 Starlight
1.4 Epsilon I: Event Horizon
1.5 Epsilon II: Doorways
1.6 Epsilon III: Samskaras

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