Marc Daine

Marc Daine: Unified Cornfield Theory

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Marc Daine

Title: Unified Cornfield Theory
Label: CD Baby

Is it jazz/country? Is it country/jazz? Maybe it's just lots of flashy, self-indulgent guitar picking? Well, uh, yes, I guess it's all of that. The whole thing started about ten years ago, when my musical life was caught between two worlds. Most week-nights I was playing in some of New York City's more interesting, (and often deserted) jazz clubs for almost no money. I was subsidizing this artistic obsession/insanity by playing weekend country gigs for line-dancers and two-steppers in smoky, over-crowded honky-tonks and line dance emporiums all around the tri-state area. Strangely, I had to admit that I was having a ball playing both kinds of music. Now somehow it entered my mind that I should combine the joys of snappy country picking and pedal steel imitations with the intensity and harmonic sophistication of jazz. So, I gathered up some "Jazz Cowboys" from both sides of the musical abyss, wrote some tunes, and got us all into a studio to record the whole mess. So what happened? Well two things. First of all the musicians had a great time and played their fingers off, and we got to document the whole thing on this CD. Secondly, we completely alienated most of the general audience on both sides of the great musical divide. The jazzers thought we'd gone off the deep-end, while the country fans just kept asking: 'How come there's no words?' Of course, every once in a while some more adventurous soul, (perhaps a Hank Garland/Danny Gatton/Albert Lee fan) would get in touch with me, and want to know when the next "Jazz Cowboys" CD would be out; or better yet where they could get another copy of this one. That felt great, but all in all I got the distinct feeling that most folks out there did not know what to make of this stuff. Well that was then, and this is now. There are more musical explorers out there, right? After all, my current project the "Gypsy Jazz Caravan" has found an audience here on CD Baby, and that's not exactly mainstream. So...the time has come to re-release the 'The Unified Cornfield Theory' by 'The Jazz Cowboys'. Give it a listen. And by the way, most of us can still be found playing in not quite so deserted jazz clubs and not quite so crowded two-step emporiums all around NYC. Marc Daine Dannenhirsch.

1.1 Denim and Demons
1.2 Lucious Cake Waitress
1.3 Jazz Millionaires
1.4 Disappearin' Kid
1.5 Reindeer Games
1.6 Moon-Doggy, Part 1
1.7 Moon-Doggy, Part 2
1.8 Cause of You
1.9 Frisky

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