Marc Goldstein

Marc Goldstein: Dont Need Roads

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Artist: Marc Goldstein

Artist: Marc Goldstein
Title: Dont Need Roads

When Marc began playing guitar around the age of fifteen, it was against a heritage and backdrop of artists such as Bowie, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel, as well as the more obvious contemporary artists of the Early-to-Mid Eighties. Whilst borrowing heavily from these and many other influences, his music ultimately developed a unique style of it's own. Travelling through Europe in the early Nineties, Marc played with many artists, shamelessly begging, borrowing and stealing material and influences, adding to his style and repertoire. Having concentrated for many years largely on performance and covering established material, writing the occasional song every couple of years, 'Don't Need Roads', the debut album from Marc Goldstein is a collection of new and old songs that represent his body of creative output to date.

1.1 Turnstiles
1.2 Clouds
1.3 Running After the Dream
1.4 Bloody Mary
1.5 Katherine
1.6 Alone
1.7 Dust
1.8 Lost in the Crowd
1.9 Sundays
1.10 Michaelangelo
1.11 This Broken Dream
1.12 This Train Has Left the Station
1.13 The Price of Freedom
1.14 Future Without You

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