Marco Acquarelli Quartet

Marco Acquarelli Quartet: Too High

$13.10 $15.98

Artist: Marco Acquarelli Quartet
Title: Too High

This is a beautiful recording by 5 very talented cats who play really well together! Marco Aquarelli is a wonderful guitarist who plays with alot of finesse and feeling. He is a thoughtful and elegant player with a personal sound and touch on the instrument which are rare qualities indeed! His writing and playing show him to be a musician with maturity well beyond his years...listen and enjoy! Peter Bernstein.

1.1 Aspettando Susan (Feat JD Allen)
1.2 Bohemia After Dark (Feat JD Allen)
1.3 Too High
1.4 Nutville (Feat JD Allen)
1.5 Triple Trouble
1.6 Brake's Sake (Feat JD Allen)
1.7 Nams
1.8 The Very Thought of You

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