Marine Dreams

Marine Dreams: Corner of the Eye

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Artist: Marine Dreams

Artist: Marine Dreams
Title: Corner of the Eye
Product Type: VINYL LP

Recorded in a basement in Welland, ON, by Daniel Romano with musicians Ross Miller, Ian Romano, and Tamara Lindeman (of The Weather Station) joining songwriter Ian Kehoe, Corner of the Eye is a dreamy, unforced exploration of a musical world of its own invention. These old friends and collaborators replace the drum fills, cymbals, and electric guitars that serve as foundation in so much tired rock and roll with three part harmony, drum machines, and acrobatic bass to create an idiosyncratic sound that evokes both Lee Perry and Jeff Lynne era Tom Petty. Kehoe's lyrics, at first glance dreamy, reveal themselves on repeat listens to contain surprising complexity. The internal is the literal on this record; love is a force, a thing that 'goes by, confident in it's crazy pride'. Emotion creates reality. "It's the corner of the eye that can see the human lines' sings Kehoe, and the line is fitting. This is a record, and a songwriter, that exists on the margins, looking out, with joyful and complex melodies and an unexpected focus on groove and rhythm.

1.1 Faces
1.2 Straight Path
1.3 Damp Eyes
1.4 Corner of the Eye
1.5 Roots Come After Lengthy Waits
1.6 How Can I Be So Misunderstood
1.7 I Won't Be Abandoned
1.8 Morning
1.9 Guarding My Love
1.10 Scared of Burning Up

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