Mark Jungers: Whistle This

Mark Jungers: Whistle This
Title: Whistle This
Label: CD Baby

Mark Jungers writes and sings about the type of human condition that is the true reason this country is able to stay on the course of greatness. He's got grease on his hands and dirt and blood on his shirt. He connects. And that is what music is supposed to do. - Mattson Rainer, PD, KNBT, New Braunfels, TX Imagine Neil Young with a sense of humor or Jay Farrar on antidepressants... welcome to the world of Mark Jungers, my favorite songwriter. - Jeremy Halliburton, KTXN, Victoria, TX Mark Jungers with his solid Midwestern roots has an ability to put perfect little pictures of life and all it's many detours and dead ends into songs. He's like that really funny friend with those great stories except he sings them, a great act, a great writer, and a cool guy. - Bruce Price, KNON, Dallas, TX.

1.1 Conviction
1.2 Won't Be Long
1.3 Black Limousine
1.4 We Talk
1.5 Price of Progress
1.6 Walking Down the Road
1.7 It Ain't Funny
1.8 Sentimental
1.9 Remorse Waltz
1.10 10 Green River
1.11 Be with You Tonight
1.12 King of Hearts
1.13 Don't Take Your Guns

Mark Jungers: Whistle This

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