Mark Mulligan

Mark Mulligan: Life in a Beach Town

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mark Mulligan

Artist: Mark Mulligan
Title: Life in a Beach Town

Close your eyes and take a musical trip to that beach town located somewhere in your dreams! This album will take you there, from the sound of the breaking waves that introduce the festive opening song 'Life In a Beach Town', all the way through a collection of ten of Mark's most popular songs. Several of these songs, including 'The Harbor', 'Turn Around And Run' (written by Mark's buddy Kelly McGuire!), and the title track, have been played extensively on satellite Radio and 'The Harbor' was also included on Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine's third 'Songs for Sailors' compilation CD. Need a remedy for a bad day at the office? Pop on 'Even The Bad Days Are Good'. You'll love Mark's version of Eric Stone's 'The Whole NineYards', about a guy who got a pretty sweet deal in the divorce proceedings! 'Home Again' is a touching song, a crowd favorite in Mexico and one of Mark's most personal songs. 'The Wind' is one of his favorite songs he has ever written, about controlling what you can and letting God do the rest. 'That September' is a somewhat wistful look back at a relationship from long ago. And 'A Fisherman's Daughter' unexpectedly turned out to be one of Mark's most requested songs, a tune about a fellow who realizes he's marrying the wrong gal. The guys out there will like the ending! (Sorry girls) Need a break from rush hour crowds and the crazy corporate scene? Grab a cooler, slap on a little sunscreen, and enjoy 'Life In A Beach Town'!

1.1 Life in a Beach Town
1.2 Home Again
1.3 Even the Bad Days Are Good
1.4 That September
1.5 The Whole Nine Yards
1.6 The Harbor
1.7 A Way Without Words
1.8 A Fisherman's Daughter
1.9 The Wind
1.10 Turn Around and Run

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