Mark Pinkus

Mark Pinkus: Starting to Believe

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Artist: Mark Pinkus

Artist: Mark Pinkus
Title: Starting to Believe

Solo acoustic piano. The message of this CD is as follows: Starting to Believe in yourself comes from within and not from others nor from the outside world. This is Pinkus at the very early recording stages of his career. A journey back in time for the present moment. Enjoy!!

1.1 Green Paradise
1.2 I Won't Cry If You Love Me
1.3 Un Papillon Sur Ton Epaule
1.4 The Missing Dress Waltz
1.5 The Red Candle
1.6 A Taste of the Show
1.7 Starting to Believe
1.8 The River Beside My House
1.9 No One Knows What Love Is
1.10 Venus and Jupiter
1.11 October Waves

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