Mark Ripp & the Confessors

Mark Ripp & the Confessors: Long Story Short

$10.64 $12.98

Artist: Mark Ripp & the Confessors
Title: Long Story Short

This record took quite a while to make mostly because I decided to become and engineer in the process. All the techical and computer stuff became as much a part of the album as the songs themselves. I nearly drove myself and my family nuts. That said, I think it turned out pretty good, hope you dig it.

1.1 Miserable Life
1.2 Angel to Lead Me Home
1.3 Overdue
1.4 Please Stay
1.5 Nothing Personal
1.6 Bad Head Baby
1.7 Hangin' By a Thread
1.8 Just a Few Steps Behind
1.9 Protected
1.10 Severe Blue
1.11 Scarborough Sunset

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