Mark Wingfield

Mark Wingfield: Illustrated Silence

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Artist: Mark Wingfield

Artist: Mark Wingfield
Title: Illustrated Silence

Quotes from Mark Wingfield & Kevin Kastning's previous album, 'I walked into the silver darkness' 'A fantastic, expansive and adventurous album from two master musicians. Unquestionably, I walked into the silver darkness is one of the best albums of this or any other year.' -Anil Prasad, Innerviews WFMU-FM New York City names 'I walked into the silver darkness' as a Favorite of 2011 'The Kastning/ Wingfield duo not only convince the listener of a very high level of guitar playing but also of deep philosophic thinking. The compositions build up of countless layers in such a magic way that in every relistening newer, other layers open up. 'I walked into the silver darkness' is the most remarkable guitar album of 2011.' - HiFi Magazine, Hungary.

1.1 Tramontane I
1.2 A Dark Unscathed
1.3 Distant Call of Knowing
1.4 Sonata in November
1.5 Ultima Thule No. 1
1.6 Tramontane II
1.7 Arc of Nameless Distance
1.8 Soundlessly Drawn
1.9 Under the Same Blanket of Night
1.10 Ultima Thule No. 2
1.11 Now Bounded; Now Immeasurable
1.12 An Unseen Turn of Step
1.13 An Obverse Unknown
1.14 Suspect Surge Manifest
1.15 Ultima Thule No. 3
1.16 Alternately Stone and Star
1.17 The Hours of Gesture

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