Martha & the Heavenly Sounds

Martha & the Heavenly Sounds: Martha & the Heavenly Sounds

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Product Type: CD

Title: Martha & the Heavenly Sounds
Label: CD Baby

Martha and the Heavenly Sounds, are quartet singers The group is form long Island, bought up under christen experience, Samuel McArthur has the gift for playing the gaiter and being music incline, James Brown has a gift with his vocalist and also being music incline, Martha she has a gift to sing, write and produce, she wrote every song on this CD, they are truly blessed. Bye God.

1.1 Holy Ghost Power
1.2 I've Been Through It All with You, Lord
1.3 I've Got a Made Up Mine
1.4 Thank You for the Prayer
1.5 There's a Storm Rolling Through
1.6 You're No Stranger to Me
1.7 How Excellent Is Your Name

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