Martin Schulte: Silent Stars

Martin Schulte: Silent Stars
Title: Silent Stars
Label: Rarenoise Records

The new album by Russian musician and DJ Martin Schulte, Silent Stars; is an experimental tech/ambient album. The album title and theme running through each track is the connection with stars in the sky, they could tell such stories but they remain silent, each composition is a story of a star. As Martin explains, the title came about after observing the night sky, there are so many stars but they are silent to us, if you could imagine that each track is one star with a story and individual life. Based in Kazan - Russia, twenty two year old Martin Schulte, has released two previous albums on independent labels, this being the first for RareNoise. The album covers many territories, with low grumbling bass lines interwoven with tech/house/dub sound scapes. The album reveals more after each listen, creating an intriguing album that highlights Martin's exquisite sonic manipulations.

1.1 911
1.2 Galaxy
1.3 Monday
1.4 In My Memory
1.5 Evening
1.6 The Fog
1.7 Space
1.8 Observatory
1.9 Angels
1.10 The Butterfly

Martin Schulte: Silent Stars

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