Mary Cox Z. & Yazid

Mary Cox Z. & Yazid: Drumming on the Edge of Banjo

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Title: Drumming on the Edge of Banjo
Label: CD Baby

We believe it's our best CD yet. Afro/Caribbean drumming with Celtic claw hammer frailing fusion banjo. Entirely acoustic with fresh blends of banjos, cello banjo, djembe, congas, mountain dulcimer, dulcimette, guitar, bass, pots and pans, and featuring George Clinton singing 'John Bowlin's Groundhog Strut.' recorded, engineered and produced by Gordy Cox. Folks keep telling us that they listen to this while driving--keeps them alert with good listening. :) The things we played :) Goldtone 5 string cello banjo, Lame Horse oldtimer banjo, Gibson RB250 banjo, Deering John Hartford banjo,(the black and gold one) John Bowlin 1865 fretless banjo, (made from a tracing of Mary Z's left hand) Ken Miller custom guitar, (Bob Cox's 000) Blue Lion mountain dulcimer, Ron Ewing dulcimette, bowed bass, (Jim Crozier/Tallahassee's finest) djembes, congas, bell, Revere Ware copper bottom pots and pans,(a wedding gift from Ma Cox) snapping fingers, (Gordy Cox) wind chimes from the front porch,(Green Forest Lane) shakers, tambourine, Gordy's car keys, church bells, George Clinton singing "Old Groundhog." The Back Story: This is not another African roots meets modern banjo CD. It began as an American story--a blend of Afro/Caribbean, Celtic, old time, and a fusion of American music from the 17th to the 21st century. It began with 'The Old Plantation' painting from the 1700s. Two men are pictured playing a banjo and drum for a dance--and we wondered--where would that music have taken them with today's awesome banjos and drums and the freedom to choose their musicians? We chose Yazid for this project because he is not African--but African American--and his drumming has a heavy Caribbean as well as African flavor. He more accurately reflects the feel of the music in colonial America gone modern--more than current African/American blends. :) Mary Z's family roots are Scotts, Irish, English, Hungarian and Bohemian. Her Celtic ancestors came to the Americas in the 1600s and 1700s and her middle European ancestors in the 1800s. We believe we have thrown the feel of this early American mix of music into the cook pot, let it simmer, and-voila-- present day acoustic fusion.

1.1 Rock the Cradle Joe
1.2 Coleman's March
1.3 Tamlin
1.4 Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap
1.5 Foggy Dew
1.6 Coo Coo's Nest
1.7 Snake Charmer's Daughter
1.8 Soldier's Joy
1.9 Murat's Dream
1.10 John Bowlin's Groundhog Strut

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